Women in Technology Workshop

Women in Technology Workshop

Industry Thought Leadership, Shared Learning & Information Exchange

IBM, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PZ, 10th March 2020 (Afternoon)

MESA Europe will be hosting its first dedicated Women in Technology Workshop on 10th March to coincide with International Women’s Day. This afternoon event will feature a number of presentations and panel sessions with women at different stages in their careers within the media and entertainment industry. It will be an opportunity to share insights and discuss how the industry can foster greater inclusivity and engagement.

This is an inclusive event for all to attend and will include lively discussion on how the industry can continue to attract and nurture talent.

This afternoon session will be an invitation only ‘closed doors’ event comprising a series of ‘thought leadership’ presentations, experienced industry executive panels and both round table and open floor discussion forums.

The ‘workshop’ format has consistently proven successful with MESA Europe members who enjoy the open and confidential approach to sharing experiences and informed opinion.

About the Workshop Format

Tables, consisting of up to 10 industry participants, across a range of different interest groups, will be invited to discuss their views and share their experiences. The round table discussion will centre on a range of specified topics with all of the outputs building towards a shared understanding of the priority areas for future focus.

Event Schedule

Registration & Networking Lunch: 12.45 p.m.
Workshop Sessions: 2 to 5 p.m.


Welcome Remarks, Introductions and Outline of the Workshop Format

Opening Keynote:  Learning to Fly
Caroline Rowland, Founder New Moon & Ergoli

Our opening keynote presenter will discuss how stepping into a leadership role often means a reappraisal of the skills and work processes that have been cultivated over a period of time. Drawing parallels from her experiences as a recreational pilot provides a vivid metaphor for successful leadership practices. Starting with the walk-around, preparing and filing the flight plan, taxiing to the runway, taking off, the climb and the cruise, all set the tone for a safe and enjoyable flight. These same principles make for effective, inspirational and dynamic leadership, whatever the industry and whatever our gender.

Workshop Session 1: What Does Leadership Mean to You?  – Scene Setting 
Cheryl Clarke, Founder, Mushroom Media

Question: ‘Think about what leadership means to you – at work, at home, in your life. Be fully embodied in your response – it’s not just about what you think, but what you feel, what you understand in your whole self.’

Round Table Discussion, Feedback & Summary of Outputs

Striving Towards True Diversity Within the Workplace
Ella Slade, Global LGBTQ+ Leader, IBM

Our next speaker will be discussing a number of topics from how to ensure IT systems are LGBTQ compliant to talking about the range of different methodologies that can be employed to promote the LGBTQ cause within the workplace.

Coffee Break

Panel Discussion: How to Encourage, Retain and Nurture a Diverse and Motivated Workforce

Caroline Baines, Director of Operations, MESA Europe

Marte Harkestad, Client Solutions Engineer, Adstream
Cheryl Demesa, Marketing Manager, Corporate, Cartesian
Dee Vincent-Day, Content Manager, Piksel
Adebunmi Nsofor, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, SDI Media

In our last panel session, we will discuss how the industry can encourage and retain a more diverse workforce, what are some of the barriers and challenges to progressing within the media and technology sector and what initiatives are being undertaken to foster greater diversity. Our panellists will share their thoughts and experiences.

Workshop Session 2: Encouraging, Retaining and Nurturing a Diverse and Motivated Workforce

Round Table Discussion, Feedback & Summary of Outputs

Closing Remarks

Summary of key takeaways, identification of additional areas of focus and review of next steps.

Workshop Close