International Content Distribution & Technology Update: Industry Briefing

International Content Distribution & Technology Update: Industry Briefing

Hilton Amsterdam, Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam, The Netherlands
14th September 2018 (From 7.30 to 10.15 a.m.)

Once again MESA Europe will host a pre-IBC breakfast meeting for members and invited guests with the opportunities and challenges presented by the growth in international content distribution sitting at the heart of the morning discussion.

Technology progression has driven international content demand in recent years while also underpinning the solutions that the industry is turning to in order to meet the wants and needs of programme makers and distributors.

Attendees will gain informed insights and share in some interesting real use case examples of what is involved, the pitfalls to avoid and the ways in which technology can assist in helping to fulfil the expectations of the industry.


Event Schedule

Registration Opens (plus light breakfast) @ 7.30 a.m.
Industry Briefing Session  @ 8-10.15 a.m.



Introduction & Opening Remarks
David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe

Transforming the Content Supply Chain with Smarter Metadata
Beatriz Alonso-Martinez, Director of Global Product Marketing, Ooyala

Metadata is transforming content by being harnessed throughout the supply chain to create benefits at every stage: from pre-production and delivery to audience engagement and monetization. Thanks to the advanced technologies that use and enhance metadata, improved processes at the beginning of content creation are now directly elevating consumer experiences and profits at the end. Learn how smarter metadata use and unified processes can make production, distribution, streaming and digital playout systems more efficient and bring greater ROI.

Time to Change Channel – The Future for European Broadcasters

Fireside Chat: Simon Fell, Renowned Broadcast Innovator & Technology Specialist
Host: Jim Bottoms,
Executive Director, MESA Europe

During this in-depth on-stage interview, former Director of Technology and Innovation at EBU and Chair of the World Broadcasting Unions Technical Committee talks candidly about the changing TV landscape. Hear more about some of the major challenges that broadcasters must face, the impact of Brexit, responding to competition and where technology may lead us next.

Managing International Content Rights
Jason Kassin, Co-Founder & CEO, FilmTrack

With global channel expansion continuing at a rapid pace, managing content rights and title avails is key as content owners and distributors get to grips with the complexities associated with multiple language versions, changes in the distribution landscape and the evolution of consumer business models. All of the above are also having a significant impact on the ways in which content deals are structured. Learn more during this candid and insightful on-stage interview.

A Walk-Through Three International M&E Supply-Chain Projects
Will Kreth, Executive Director, EIDR

The entertainment industry is engaged in a number of significant collaborative initiatives that have the potential to revolutionise the way content is accessed, processed and distributed. This presentation offers an informed update and details of some of the key catalysts for optimized workflow and automation.

Efficient and Secure Cross Border Workflows
Joel Sloss, Program Manager, Global Ecosystem & Compliance, Microsoft Azure Security

Cloud solutions are delivering material benefits to a media company’s bottom line. However, these profit-oriented objectives can only be achieved if security is adequately considered. This session introduces the ways in which core media workflows are managed across various asset classifications and considering different content production and delivery scenarios.

Building a Platform to Weather the Entertainment Storm
Morgan Hays, VP, Product Management (Metadata Products), TiVo

We can all agree – entertainment fragmentation is accelerating – from the rapid growth of quality content and the sea of apps, to the exponential way consumers find and consume it – and we’re all in the middle of this storm. In this session our speaker will share real-world experiences in leveraging innovative technology to create the rock-solid metadata foundation required to ensure content is easily discovered, purchased and enjoyed.

Industry Collaboration Boosts Content Management Efficiencies
Kip Welch, Vice President, Movielabs

Closing today’s session, we return to the topic of industry collaboration, as we learn about a number of new initiatives that offer far reaching benefits across the sector. Our speaker will share more detail as he outlines the gains and describes some of the key foundations that underpin these plans.

Closing Remarks
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe


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Hilton Amsterdam
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