HITS Europe 2019 Programme

HITS Europe Annual Summit 

– Featuring Smart Content & Security Technology Showcase

19th June 2019, Victory Services Club, 63/79 Seymour Street, London, W2 2HF


Preliminary Programme

Registration Opens: 9.00 a.m.
Conference Sessions: 10.00 to 5.35 p.m.
Networking Reception: 5.35 p.m.


Conference Introduction & Opening Remarks
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Targeted TV Powered by Data Transformation
Oded Ben-Zur,
Oded Ben-Zur,Head of Product Innovation, Kaltura

In today’s highly competitive market, Cloud TV service providers are facing tremendous challenges in their journey to optimize acquisition, retention, consumption and monetization. They are sitting on significant amounts of data that may include valuable insights, but it often takes too long to process. Hear about ways in which AI based segmentation models can be used to tailor TV experiences and support daily workflows.

From Batman to Bandersnatch: The Evolution of Metadata and the Viewing Experience
Kristan Bullett, Managing Director, Media + Entertainment, Piksel

Setting the scene for much of this morning’s discussion, our second speaker of the day will review the history and evolution of media and entertainment metadata and will look at how it has been transformed to become one of the defining factors in creating a first-class user experience.

Blockchain Boom or Bust – Panel

Anita O’Donnell, Director, Media-Minds

Becky Brook, Commercial Developer, JAAK
David Lofts, Founder, Ethical ICO

It all started with Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. Eleven years on and over hyped, does this embryonic technology have any real place in our industry, or are we looking at the next technology dud? During this panel session our contributors will discuss their experience and share some thoughts, whilst encouraging some lively audience participation.

AI & Machine Learning and Intelligent Content Management
David Candler, Senior Director, Customer Solutions, Veritone
Damon Neale, Chief Technology Officer, Base Media Cloud
Alistair Washbourn, Commercial Director, Elements

In this next presentation we will hear some great examples of how artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent content management solutions are being used across multiple use cases – from production workflows through to secure cloud-native content access and distribution. We will get an update on how joint solutions have been helping to power customer initiatives (including the Women’s World Cup) and are bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning directly into the heart of the production workflow.

Using Video Recognition to Profile Video Assets for Compliance & Monitoring
Mika Rautiainen, CEO, Valossa

When looking at content compliancy, there are still claims that AI tech has not yet matured enough to effectively tackle this worldwide issue. But is this a true reflection?

The sheer volume of content combined with regulatory pressures means that intelligent cognitive media solutions are the only effective way to analyse material at scale for both recorded files and live streams. In this next presentation we will learn how metadata based content profiling can be applied in real-world use cases.

Tracking Live and Promotional Video Content on Social Media – Technology Showcase
Eyal Arad, CEO, Videocites

Illegal live re-streaming of content on social platforms is a growing concern for rights owners, who are focused on identifying and removing these streams before they get traction.  Advertisers and brands, meanwhile, are keen to accurately measure the true exposure level of promotional content across these platforms, including engagement metrics around copies. How can technology assist with these goals?

Tackling Security Challenges: The Internet of Things
Rob Salter, Advisor, The Cyber Authority
Hugh Chambers, Chief Executive Officer, The Cyber Authority

Industry forecasts suggest that there will be more than 14 billion internet-connected devices in use worldwide by the end of 2019. Most of these have appalling security. Our next speakers will share some concerning examples of just how clever hackers have become in the IoT space and explore what can be done to protect against data theft through such devices.

Morning Session Q&A and Open Floor Discussion  

Networking Lunch 

Lessons from Outside the Industry: CX-Driven Success in Branded Digital Content

Saleha Williams, Digital Partner, Cognizant

Gina Roughan, Director, Zone Digital
Dan Jamieson, Chief Executive Officer, Icons.com

During this next panel discussion our speakers will discuss the various ways in which brands are adopting more agile approaches in order to put customers at the heart of their strategies, enabling them to optimise customer experiences and unlock new revenue streams.

Lessons from Outside the Industry – Security Challenges in the Financial Sector
Phil Ashley, Chief Executive Officer, STEGA

The security threats faced by the financial sector in many ways mirror those that M&E companies are all too familiar with. Given the nature of the financial industry, there is however much more regulation involved. In this next presentation we will learn more about those threats, the ways in which companies are responding and some of the measures being taken to protect against data theft.

Implementing A Global Security Enhancement Programme

Discussion Host:
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Hijiri Okada, EVP of Global Operations, IYUNO Media Group
Chris Johnson, President, Convergent Risk
The global content community has laid down a strict set of guidelines for any partner company wishing to work on or manage
that content. In this next discussion we will learn about the process from two perspectives, including details of the
challenges that had to be faced and what it meant for both organisations.

Creating the OTT Experience of the Future
Raimond Van Raamsdonk, Director of Product Management Video, Gracenote

In this, the Golden Age of TV, consumers enjoy virtually unlimited choice when it  comes to what high-quality content to
watch and which TV services to view it on. For providers seeking to maximize engagement, it’s imperative that they deliver
experiences which intuitively connect viewers to the TV shows and movies they’re likely to enjoy most. During this presentation
our speaker will review the OTT user experience as it exists today and share insights into where it’s heading in the future.

What Can We Expect from 5G and When?
Tony Maroulis, Research Manager, Ampere Analysis

Interest in 5G is growing rapidly following the announcement of roll-out plans, although controversy and uncertainty remain.
Our next speaker presents a realistic view on technological expectations, the elements that will be required for 5G deployment and
an assessment of when we can expect to see its mainstream adoption.

Understanding the 8K Roadmap
Richard Moreton, Business Development & Industrial Affairs, Samsung

To successfully establish 8K in Europe will require a collaborative effort across the industry with buy-in essential from set-makers,
programme producers and their broadcast and distribution partners. Learn more about the 8K commitment and future plans from
our next speaker.

8K, 5G and Beyond – Panel 

Caroline Baines, Operations Director, MESA Europe

Andrew Dunne,Technology Manager, BBC Studios
Andy Lucas,VP Global Distribution Technology, NBCUniversal
Tony Maroulis, Research Manager, Ampere Analysis

With 8K now being broadcast in Japan and 5G rolling out in various part of the world, including several UK cities, this panel
discussion will focus on the prospects for these technologies, in addition to assessing what’s next on the horizon. Where is the
momentum coming from and what operational, technical and commercial challenges still need to be overcome?

The Future of Rapid Process Automation and the Journey to AI
James Kirk, Media and Entertainment New Client Territory Leader, IBM

Listen to an insightful and informed point of view on the future of Rapid Process Automation and hear more about the journey to AI as
our next speaker debunks some of the myths and showcases the world’s first movie trailer created using AI.

Managing OTT Workflows – Panel

David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe

Jason Gish, President, Film & Television, Testronic
Tom Holmes, Regional Director of Sales, Ooyala
Marcus Parnwell, SVP Future Market Expansion & Planning, DAZN

The continued growth in OTT services across Europe and the diversity in background, scale and focus of the participants in this sector presents a unique set of challenges for the industry to deal with. In our final panel of the day a number of senior industry executives will discuss the workflow implications presented by the expansion in online content delivery.

Closing Remarks and Q&A