Data & Analytics Workshop 2018


Data & Analytics Workshop

16th July 2018 (From 2 to 5.30 p.m.), Courthouse Hotel, 19-21 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7HL

MESA Europe is to host a Data & Analytics workshop in London on 16th July, as a prelude to launching a ‘special interest group’ for members, rights owners and distributors.

Opening the workshop will be a live interview with Falko Mortiboys, Head of Analytics at Manchester United and formerly Digital Insights Manager at BBC who will share some of his insights and experiences on some of the vital business analysis needed by the club.

Following this interview, he will join a panel discussion, including representatives from BT and Viacom, further discussing some of the latest trends in audience/customer metrics and analytics.

ThinkAnalytics will also contribute to the session, sharing a broadcaster case study demonstrating how analytics helps in content recommendation and discovery.

The workshop presents a unique opportunity to build upon some of the Data & Analytics discussion from the recent highly successful London HITS event and to drill down into more detail on many of the key outcomes from the day.

The ‘workshop’ format has consistently proven successful with MESA Europe members who enjoy the open and confidential approach to sharing experiences and informed opinion. Guest speaker presentations and industry panel discussions also feature in an afternoon focussed on informed debate and the exploration of collaborative initiatives. Arising out of the Workshop, MESA Europe is looking to launch a Data & Analytics Council, and the meeting will help shape the objectives and priorities for this group.

About the workshop format

Tables, consisting of up to 10 industry participants, across a range of different interest groups, will be invited to discuss their views on getting the most out of data and where it can lead and shape the industry moving forwards.

The round table discussion will centre on a range of specified topics with all of the outputs building towards a shared understanding of the priority areas for future focus, in order to ensure that the industry is well placed to take advantage of the data rich world we now inhabit.


Event Schedule

Registration Opens: 1.30 p.m.

Presentations, Panel Sessions & Round Table Discussions: 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.



Introduction & Outline of Workshop Approach
David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe

Know the Score – The Vital Data & Analytics for a Global Sports Brand
Falko Mortiboys, Head of Analytics, Manchester United

With such an instantly recognisable name, so many high profile sponsors, the celebrity status of the players themselves and the growing worldwide reach of MUTV, keeping a close watch on reactions and sentiment, benchmarking and media ROI measurement are just some of the vital business critical analytics needed. Learn more during this live interview.

Using Data to Drive Decision Making

The conversation will continue with a more detailed focus on using consumer feedback and real time analysis on behaviour to help shape strategic decision making. How is this changing and how will it develop further in the future?

Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Hilary Logan, Network and Service Assurance, BT
Falko Mortiboys, Head of Analytics, Manchester United
Niall Ridge, Director, BI Projects & Development, Viacom International Media Networks

Round Table Working Group 1
Tables, consisting of up to 10 industry participants, across a range of different interest groups, will be invited to discuss
the main points emerging from the earlier presentations and share thoughts, ideas and experiences on some of the
challenges being faced, the opportunities that lie ahead in effectively channelling data and analytics and the role that
technology and AI is likely to play in this.

Collection of Results and Open Floor Discussion

Networking Coffee Break

Case Study: Using Advanced Analytics in Recommendation & Discovery
Simon McGrath, Chief Operating Officer, ThinkAnalytics

In this short presentation, we will hear how broadcasters, OTT service providers and Pay TV  operators are using AI-powered
technology to boost user engagement through personalised recommendation and discovery.

Case Study: A Collaborative Approach to Audience Analytics
Aki Tsuchiya, Chief Executive Officer, streamhub

For our second international case study we learn about a collaboration involving content owners and distributors in Japan, which is
providing in-depth viewing data in the OTT sector, and gain insights into how this approach could work in other territories

Round Table Working Group 2

The second working group session will focus on areas of potential cross industry collaboration around data and analytics. Are there
any cross industry initiatives that can help drive better or faster data? Any initiatives that could help with data integration and management?

MESA Europe is looking to launch a Data & Analytics Council to provide a platform for exploring common aims and sharing experience
and learnings in this area. The objective of this session will be to set some priorities and objectives for such a group.

Collection of Results and Open Floor Discussion

Review of Outputs & Identification of Next Steps

Networking Drinks Reception


For more details about the Data & Analytics Workshop, and to learn about speaking and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

David Millar, E: [email protected]
Jim Bottoms, E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)1525 864 376








Courthouse Hotel
19-21 Great Marlborough Street
London, W1F 7HL