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MESA Europe Presents:  Content Access & Rights Management Forum

Followed by MESA Europe/US Member & VIP Guest Reception

12th September, From 4 p.m, Park Hotel, Stadhouderskade 25, 1071 ZD Amsterdam, Netherlands Register Button

The issue of content rights in Europe is under intense scrutiny as EU government representatives debate a single market for digital services and a possible end to geo-blocking (geo-blocking is a method of preventing users from accessing certain websites, videos, music and other content, based on their location).

Any attempt to remove national content boundaries in Europe will have a profound effect on the entertainment
production and distribution communities throughout the region and worldwide if pan-European content distribution rights are to
become the norm. The sports community will also be massively impacted as funding models will have to be dramatically overhauled.Content Access

This debate comes at a time when rights management has never been so important, with the rapidly expanding array of delivery platforms, purchase/viewing options and mobile devices all combining to make this an increasingly complex area.

This September,  MESA Europe will be hosting a late afternoon Entertainment Industry Forum in Amsterdam (during IBC)  to discuss the impact that the changing market, technology, legislative and political landscapes  are having  on Content Rights  and  Rights Management.

Informed speakers and panellists representing a cross section of industry interests will share their views and ideas and answer questions during, what promises to be, an interesting and fully interactive, forum.

Following the discussion outlined above MESA Europe and MESA US are combining to host a networking reception for members and VIP guests.

The Content Rights and Management Forum will begin at 4pm on Saturday 12th September and will take place at Park Hotel Amsterdam. The networking reception will be held between 6pm and 8pm.


Final Programme

Event Schedule

Registration Opens:  3.45 p.m.
Forum Sessions: 4.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Networking Reception: 6 p.m to 8 p.m.

Introduction & Opening Remarks 
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Opening Keynote Presentation: The European Digital Single Market – Status Report 
Anne Bergman-Tahon, Director, Federation of European Publishers

The issue of content rights in Europe is under intense scrutiny as EU government representatives debate a single market for digital services and a possible end to geo-blocking. What is driving the need for a European Single Digital Market? What are the arguments for and against? And, most importantly, what are the implications for content owners and distributors? Our opening Keynote speaker will delve into the issues and share some thoughts on possible outcomes and timescales.

The Sports Rights Holders Perspective on DSM
Mark Lichtenhein, CIO – European Tour and Ryder Cup Europe/ Joint Managing Director – European Tour Productions/Chairman – Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC)

Sport is a key driver of content revenues for programme distributors across Europe and sports rights holders will potentially feel a major impact from any changes to the way in which cross border rights are dealt with. In our second presentation of the afternoon we learn more about the ways in which this group of Rights Holders will be impacted and their stance on the Digital Single Market.

The Growing Importance of Rights Management 
Theodore Garcia, Executive Vice President, FilmTrack

The efficient management of content rights is becoming a critical area of focus for rights owners, at a time when the  rapidly expanding array of delivery platforms, payment models and viewing devices are combining to make this an  increasingly complex issue. Our next speaker highlights some of the challenges being faced and talks about the importance of an effective and consistent approach to rights management.

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A
Content Access & Rights Management– Industry Priorities and Concerns

Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Robert Ambrose, Director of Business Development, FADEL
Anne Bergman-Tahon, Director, Federation of European Publishers
Don Dulchinos, Executive Director, Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR)
Theodore Garcia, Senior Vice President, FilmTrack
Mark Lichtenhein, CIO – Chairman – Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC)
Thomas Siegman, Executive Vice President, Innovations, Strategy & Client Relations, RSG Media

We close this afternoon’s session with a panel discussion featuring senior level representatives from a cross section of the industry.  Our panellists will answer questions from the floor and share their views and ideas on a wide range of rights related topics,
highlighting what they see as the key priorities and concerns moving forwards.

Networking Drinks Reception

All attendees at the event are invited to join us for a post forum drinks reception.


For further information about the MESA Europe Contents Rights & Management Forum and to discuss speaking and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

David Millar, E: [email protected]
Jim Bottoms, E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)1525 864 376



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