Countdown to Data & Analytics Workshop – final chance to secure your place

Published July 10, 2018

MESA Europe is to host a Data & Analytics workshop in London on 16th July, as a prelude to launching a ‘special interest group’ for members, rights owners and distributors. The event is attracting a range of organisations who will share the perspectives during the day.

Following a live interview with Falko Mortiboys, Head of Analytics at Manchester United, we will move in a wider panel discussion.  This panel will include Hilary Logan, Network and Service Assurance at BT and Niall Ridge, Director BI Projects and Development at Viacom International Media Networks who will further discuss some of the latest trends in audience/customer metrics and analytics.

Simon McGrath, Chief Operating Officer of ThinkAnalytics will also contribute to the session, sharing a broadcaster case study demonstrating how analytics helps in personalised content recommendation and discovery.

The workshop presents a unique opportunity to build upon some of the Data & Analytics discussion from the recent highly successful London HITS event and to drill down into more detail on many of the key outcomes from the day.

The ‘workshop’ format has consistently proven successful with MESA Europe members who enjoy the open and confidential approach to sharing experiences and informed opinion.

The afternoon will continue with tables, consisting of up to 10 industry participants, across a range of different interest groups, invited to discuss their views on getting the most out of data and where it can lead and shape the industry moving forwards.

The round table discussion will centre on a range of specified topics with all of the outputs building towards a shared understanding of the priority areas for future focus, in order to ensure that the industry is well placed to take advantage of the data rich world we now inhabit.

Arising out of the Workshop, MESA Europe is looking to launch a Data & Analytics Council, and the meeting will help shape the objectives and priorities for this group.

The Workshop will take place at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London on the afternoon of 16th July.

For further information about the Data & Analytics Workshop, please contact Jim Bottoms ( or David Millar ( at MESA Europe or telephone +44 (0)1525 864 376.

For registration enquiries please contact Teresa Austerberry (

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