HITS Europe Annual Summit – Where Entertainment, Data & IT Converge

Published May 15, 2018

Now in its fifth year, the annual MESA Europe HITS event returns to London on 20th June in order to provide an updated focus on the tools, technologies and commercial trends that are changing the way that content is created, managed and distributed, while re-defining the paths to consumer engagement.

Enhanced data sits at the heart of the transformation taking place, as content owners and their distribution and business partners look to capitalise on the opportunities being presented and fully exploit the benefits of having programming that is more identifiable, accessible and useable.

Experienced, senior level contributors to the HITS Europe programme, will discuss best practice, share details of successful case studies and explore new initiatives that are contributing to the revolution and evolution that is re shaping the industry and the relationship it has with its content and the end consumer.

Among the topics that will feature during this year’s event are:

  • AI and Machine Learning- Where will the Impact be?
  • Blockchain and Media: Opportunities for the Creative Industries
  • Turning Social Media Analytics into Action
  • The ‘smart’ approach to storage and management
  • Defining the data driven entertainment supply chain
  • On track with GDPR
  • Distribution Management at its Best
  • Leveraging Content Intelligence Tools
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Content Personalisation
  • Responding to Changes in User Behaviour
  • Maximising Rights Revenues
  • Staying Ahead of the Delivery Challenges

HITS Europe 2018 will feature insightful presentations, candid panel discussions and open floor debate, which, combined with the highly acclaimed MESA Europe networking opportunities will once again make this a ‘must attend’ event for anyone involved in, or impacted by, the changing world of content creation and distribution.

For more information and to discuss speaking and sponsorship opportunities at this unique event, please contact Jim Bottoms (jim@mesaeurope.org) or David Millar (david@mesaeurope.org) or call the MESA Europe office on +44 (0)1525 864 376.

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