Transforming Home Entertainment Summit 2017

3rd Annual Transforming Home Entertainment Summit

London, 13th September 2017

Delivering an Enhanced Experience at Home and On the Move

Transformation is an ongoing process in the entertainment sector, with new products and technologies, innovative business initiatives and enhanced ‘behind the scenes’ approaches all combining to create dynamism and meet the ever changing consumer wants and needs.

In this the third annual Transforming Home Entertainment Summit, the focus will once again be on providing a forum for information sharing and gaining insights into the way the industry is both managing and responding to the revolution and evolution that is unfolding in this sector.

From an end consumer perspective, the transformation means a better quality and an enhanced, fully immersive entertainment experience. It also means improved choice, more engagement and greater flexibility.

For the industry it’s about protecting and growing revenues, and ensuring an efficient ‘backbone’ that can deliver what is required in a fast changing and intensely competitive arena.

Key sessions and topic areas to be discussed covered during this one day event are outlined below.

Opening Keynote – “From Television to Any Vision”
A bold and far reaching vision for the future of TV and Video, focusing on the technology advances and the paths that programme makers and distributors will need to take in order to deliver the next generation entertainment experience

Dedicated programme sessions will include:

Managing the Explosive Growth in OTT & VOD

  • The Changing Structure of Content Distribution
  • Understanding the Competitive Dynamics
  • The Impact on Viewing Behaviour
  • The Implications for the Content Industry and on Content Workflows

UHD & HDR Market and Technology Update

  • Industry Status Report and Future Outlook
  • Bringing Content to Market
  • Meeting the Workflow Challenges
  • Driving Demand for UHD BD

Enhancing the Entertainment Experience

  • Taking Audio to the Next Level
  • Voice Command Changes Everything
  • Turning Virtual Reality Into Commercial Success
  • Enabling Advanced Discovery

Growing and Protecting Revenues

  • New Revenue Models and their Impact on the Business
  • Combating the Consumer Piracy Threat
  • Making Data and Analytics Count

Each of the sessions outlined above will include speaker presentations, on stage interviews and panel discussions, with participants representing a broad cross section of the industry

As always, delegates will be invited to fully engage through open floor conference discussion, by visiting the table top demo area and taking full advantage of the  networking breaks.


Event Schedule

Registration Opens:  8.30 a.m.
Conference Sessions: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Networking Reception: 5 to 7 p.m.


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