Programme Outline

European Content Protection Summit

Event Schedule:

Registration  Opens:  8.30 a.m.
Conference Sessions: 9.30.m. to 5.15 p.m.
Networking Reception: 5.15 p.m.


Conference Introduction & Welcoming Remarks
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe

Opening Keynote: What Lies Behind the Security Threats We Face?
Brian Paxton , Head of Security and Video Consulting, Cartesian

In this opening presentation our Keynote speaker will take us through a detailed review of the data and content security threats that organisations and individuals are constantly faced with and take a look at the motivation and goals of those behind these hostile actions in order to better understand what we are up against.

Cybercrime and Piracy – Do We Have to Pay the Price?
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Fortium Technologies

The increased cyber security threat from ransomware and hacking is predicted to get worse, with all companies and individuals being potential attack targets. The high public profile of the content industry and the work it is involved in makes it especially vulnerable to this type of crime. What practical steps can be taken to reduce the security risks?

Building and Maintaining a Security Aware Company Ethos

Neil Beckford, Security Director – EMEA, Deluxe Entertainment Services

Tim Passe, Manager, Content Protection Operations EMEA, Warner Bros
Alex Pickering, Global Privacy & Content Security Director, BBC Worldwide
Rob Pinniger, Associate Director, Content Security, Liberty Global/Virgin Media
Nik Savchenko, Senior Manager, Studio Content Protection (EMEA), Walt Disney

A strong security corporate culture is essential in this industry and it requires a pervasive security mindset stretching across all levels of the organisation and throughout the supplier network. In our first panel of the day we will hear from a number of senior level, executives who are directly involved in this mission and talk in some detail about what it takes and the pitfalls to avoid.

EU General Data Protection Regulation: The Myths, Debunked
Phil Herbert, Director, Convergent Risk
Stephanie Iyayi, Director, Convergent Risk

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) represents the biggest shake up to European privacy laws in over two decades, bringing new obligations on organisations and strengthening the rights of the individual. What are the specific implications for the media and entertainment industry? And how will this impact on their ability to deliver the tailored and personal service the consumer has come to expect?

Blockchain – Friend or Foe to Piracy?
Lucas Catranis, Director, Piracy and Cybercrime Management, Irdeto

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, which some believe has the potential to radically change existing business models in a variety of sectors. But, what does it mean for the media industry and, specifically, what impact can it have on piracy? In this session we will learn about the potential opportunities that blockchain offers to content and rights owners as well as the challenges it may present when exploited by pirates.

Piracy Legislation Update
Ari Alibhai, Barrister, QEB Hollis Whiteman

Learn about the latest legal emphasis and priority focus in the battle to prevent pirate activity and bring those involved to justice, as our next speaker tackles the question that is central to much of the current legal debate – “Does illicit IPTV growth represent a clear and present danger to the broadcast industry?”

Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviours Around Piracy
Liz Bales, Chief Executive, BASE
Marianne Grant, representing the MPA in the UK

What do we know about consumer attitudes and behaviours when it comes to copyright infringement and accessing content illegally? And what can be done to positively influence entertainment and sports fans and escalate their engagement with legitimate programming and services?

The Need for an Integrated Approach to Securing and Protecting Assets

Alistair Cameron, European Sales Director, NexGuard

Discussion Host:
David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe

The rapid growth in the number of content distribution platforms and title availability business models, together with an expansion in online and off site workflow activity requires a robust overall approach to asset security and management. To set the scene for this afternoon’s discussion, we seek the views of an experienced industry security specialist who will outline the vital elements required.

Where are we with Watermarking?

Eric Benetiere, VP Sales & Marketing, ContentArmor
Johan Bolin, VP of Products, Edgeware

Discussion Host:
David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe

The use of watermarking solutions is expanding, with VOD and live programming the latest platforms to embrace this solution. Technology developments and industry collaboration are helping to improve the efficiency and robustness of watermarking, which is being increasingly employed in order to trace the origin of title theft; a key step in the battle to crack down on piracy.

Protecting Live Sports Content – Is the Battle Being Won?
James Woodward, VP Technology, NeuLion

Directing Illegal Viewers to a Legal Alternative
Simon Cothliff, Partner, Klipcorp

What can be done to convert pirate viewers to becoming part of the legitimate audience? This is a question that programme distributors and sports franchises, in particular, are grappling with, given the huge growth in pirate sites showing premium sports content over recent years. In this next presentation we learn more about the role technology
can play in helping to make this happen.

Making a Case Against the Pirates
Jose-Emmanuel Pont, Head of Anti-Piracy, NAGRA

Prior to the closing panel discussion, our final presenter of the day will review the role that monitoring and take-down activity plays and will assess the investigative and legal resources required to fight against those professional pirate
operations that do not comply with automated take-down requests.

Sports vs Piracy – Expert Commentary and Analysis

James Clark, Business Development, Security, Cartesian

Cameron Andrews, Senior Legal Counsel – Anti-Piracy, beIN
Mike Barley, Director for Group Security, Sky
Emilio Fernández, Head of Anti-Piracy Team, LaLiga
James Woodward, VP Technology, NeuLion
Jose-Emmanuel Pont, Head of Anti-Piracy, NAGRA

Our closing panel will maintain the focus on sports piracy as a number of senior executives, representing different parts of the
industry, discuss the ongoing battle to defend sports rights owners and their distribution partners against content theft. We will
also learn about some of the successful steps that have been taken to date as part of this fight and hear about some of the
challenges that still need to be faced.

Closing Remarks

Networking Drinks Reception