European Content Protection Summit 2017

4th Annual European Content Protection Summit from MESA Europe

15th November 2017,  LondonRegister Button

Data and Content Security is an essential component across all sectors of the media and entertainment industry, with the need for tight and secure end-to-end systems and processes never more important to have in place, and equally, never more challenging to maintain.

Any security breaches throughout the pre-production, production and post stages are at best embarrassing and, at worst,
hugely expensive and commercially damaging, impacting on reputations, audiences and, ultimately, revenues.

The growth in the number, location and range of distribution channels is adding to the complexities of maintaining a watertight pre- release content strategy, across all the various release windows and platforms now available

As a number of recent, high profile, cases have shown, it is not just the early leak of finished product that can cause problems for programme producers, with scripts, ‘on-set’ images, story lines and partially completed footage all targeted by thieves, hackers and ‘glory seekers’. Content distributors also face many of these same challenges, while, layered on top, is the need to protect the private and confidential customer information they also hold.

It is clear that not all content and data leaks are the result of pro-active, targeted and organised campaigns, with human error and poor process and procedures often likely to be at least a contributor. The use of the latest state of the art technology is critically important and a commercial essential, but protecting data and content goes way beyond having a robust IT infrastructure.

…and, of course, the bad guys come in many shapes and sizes, from the sports fan that doesn’t want to pay to watch an event, IT geeks that want to make a name for themselves, to a disgruntled ‘hard-done-by’ employee – right through to organised crime gangs and government sponsored ‘disruptors’. Guaranteeing security against any and all of these threats is not easy, to say the least.

Now in its fourth year, the MESA Europe Content Protection Summit will once again be focussed on providing updates on
the current security issues that the industry is facing and the up to date measures that can be taken to minimise the

During this full-day conference, informed speakers and panellists from across the content community, together with their
distribution and workflow partners, will share their views, experiences and details of the solutions adopted in the battle
to protect against content and data theft. Legal and security specialists will also contribute to the discussion.

Topics to be addressed at the Content Protection Summit will include:

  • Understanding the Security Threats – The Myths and Realities
  • Protecting Live Sports Content – Is the Battle Being Won?
  • Why is Blockchain a Factor?
  • Building and Maintaining a Security Aware Company Ethos
  • Ransomware is Now the Biggest Threat – Do we Have to Pay the Price?
  • Security Technology Update – Staying Ahead of the Game
  • Update on the European legal situation, including Digital Single Market Status Report
  • The Challenge of Protecting Rights
  • Preparing for GDPR
  • Your Content has been Stolen- What Now?
  • Identifying Workflow Vulnerabilities and Plugging the Gaps
  • Where are we with Watermarking?
  • Security in 4K Workflows
  • Cloud Security – Do Concerns Remain?
  • Responding to the Changing Market and Distribution Environment
  • Tackling Consumer Piracy


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