Content Workflow Management Forum 2018

Content Workflow Management Forum

Featuring: Content Localisation Technology Showcase

1st March 2018, Victory Services Club, 63/79 Seymour St, London, W2 2HF, UK

Building on the huge success of last year’s ‘sell out’ event, the conference programme will once again focus on the technologies, systems and processes that are driving workflow efficiencies while the expanded table-top exhibition  area will once more feature live, practical demonstrations and state of the art solutions developed to meet industry needs.

The complexities associated with the efficient and secure management of content workflows continue to intensify as programme producers and their distribution partners adapt to the evolving market demands and the changing competitive environment.

Compressed post production and pre-release timelines, the emergence of new global markets and the multiplicity of platforms and formats required are all contributing to the challenges the industry has to face. Content Localisation is taking on a new-found importance here in Europe and it brings with it an additional and unique set of workflow steps that need to be factored-in.

Advances in systems and technology are key in enabling the industry to respond and deliver the quality and turnaround the customer base demands, while ground-breaking collaborative efforts are leading to enhancements in the way workflows are accessed and managed.

The Content Workflow Management Forum will feature a series of informed presentations and panel discussions as well as open floor debate.

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Event Schedule

Registration  Opens:  8.30 a.m.
Conference Sessions: 9.20 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Networking Reception: 5.30 p.m.


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To learn more about the Content Workflow Management Forum and the Content Localisation Technology Showcase, and to talk about speaking, demonstration and sponsorship opportunities please contact Jim Bottoms or David Millar at MESA Europe.

T: 44 (0)1525 864376


Victory Services Club
63/79 Seymour Street
London, W2 2HF